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12 Nins - a classic set of peg figures in the colors of the rainbow. Includes a cloth bag. All painted using vegetable based dyes. 


12 colourful figures to create stories and small worlds. They don’t have eyes, or a gender. This way, it’s the children who can develop their own stories and decide which character they are going to play with (a pirate, a vampire…etc.). 


Children will enjoy the tactile feel of these little dolls and the open play nature of them - being able to use them in any play that they would like. They will easily fit into buses and boats and any size of dolls house. 


These are also great for colour naming, colour sorting and counting. 


12 per set. 

Grapat 12 Nins Wooden Rainbow Peg Dolls

SKU: 15-109
£29.99 Regular Price
£23.99Sale Price
  • 12mths+

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