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Create your own Pop Art for your walls. Hang it. Frame it for colourful fun. 


1 poster (1m x 60cm)

1600 removable stickers


Unfold this Poppik giant sticker mosaic poster and follow the number code to stick on the 1600 geometric coloured stickers in the right place. The stickers are removable in case of any mistakes!


Bit by bit, a super-cool image inspired by street art will be revealed. Designed by French artist Lili Scratchy, it features happy, colourful illustrations inspired by pixel art, graffiti and video games. 


This is an absorbing creative project that's perfect for kids as a screen-free activity, rainy days and car journeys and makes for a lovely calm moment of concentration. Once it's complete, it makes a super poster to hang on a wall and even frame for your own wall art.

Creative Sticker Poster - Street Art Pop

  • 6-12

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