Curvy balance board is a Waldorf Inspired wooden toy. Children can have fun without technology! But it is not only a balance board, Curvy is an open ended toy that creates endless opportunities to learn and grow through play. 


Is the choice of early years settings, including Montessori and Waldorf


Improves children development


It can be also used for yoga, fitness, fun or relaxing both by adults and kids amongst others.


Young & Learning is an award-winning, child-led, eco-friendly toy company based in Cambridge, in the UK. They make sustainable open-ended toys using 100% natural materials. Beautifully made, high quality and will last for generations!


Curvy Lite Stats:

Size: 84.5×29.5×16cm approx.
10 layers of beech wood – 1.5cm thick
Weight: 2.6Kg approx.

Wide enough to comfortably support up to a 4 year old

Supports up to 110Kg


Curvy Lite is designed for the little people in our lives, thinner and lighter than the other Curvy’s, which makes it ideal for smaller children to pick up and move around. 

Curvy Lite Wooden Balance Board

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