Grapat’s palos are a new family of wooden peg dolls. They have a ridged surface and domed heads making them beautifully tactile and sturdy. Palos come in a rainbow of colours, each with just two small dots for eyes, meaning you can turn them into anything and anyone you like! Imagination is set free.

Sets contain 18 palos. 


Grapat toys are designed to encourage the natural desire to play that lives innately within every child. Simplistic toys, made from natural materials, allow children to explore freely without rules or structure, expanding their imaginations and creativity. Grapat toys exude the natural beauty of the earth and are crafted using locally sourced sustainable timber and finished with water-based colour stain. Made in Spain.

Grapat 18 Rainbow Sticks Palos Wooden Peg Dolls

SKU: 18-178
  • 10mths+

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