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Introducing our enchanting plastic free dinosaur scene for imaginative young minds! Crafted with sustainability in mind, this delightful set brings the prehistoric world to life whilst nurturing a love for our planet.

Inside, discover a collection of wooden pieces, each intricately designed to spark creativity. From the mighty T-Rex, to the gentle triceratops, pterodactyl & a brachiosaurus, this kit is guaranteed to be a roar-some playtime experience!

Unleash your little one's artistic talents with the watercolour pencils. Included in each set, these allow children to add vibrant hues to their Jurassic masterpiece. Encourage eco-conscious creativity as they paint lush landscapes, roaring volcanoes, and adventurous dino scenes.

This craft kit isn't just about play—it's a journey through time and nature, fostering a deeper connection to our planet and its inhabitants. Join us in inspiring young adventurers to explore, create, and cherish the world around them, one sustainable step at a time!



Plywood cut outs, dinosaur stand, watercolour pencils, wooden paintbrush, pencil sharpener, instruction card. UKCA/UKNI/CE tested & marked


Box: 24 x 12 x 2cm

Make Your Own Dinosaur Scene Wooden Craft Kit

  • 4+

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