Organic Doll with Wheat Bag for Heating & Cooling. 


I stay warm to make your pains go away and cool down when you have a fever. I’m a soft handmade doll with a Swedish, organic, and removable wheat bag for heating and cooling. I’m perfect for warm and cosy bedtimes, hot summer days, fevers and pains – all depending on your needs!


Rubens Tummies are made of Organic Content Standard (OCS) organic cotton. They are filled with Global Recycled Standard (GRS) PET stuffing and their tummies contain weighted wheat bags.


There are 6 of them to collect! 


A Rubens Barn doll takes over 100 different steps by hand to create. The faces of our dolls are sculptured in soft fabric, for a more emotional and realistic look. The eyes are important. They are embroidered and are what brings the dolls to life, and in combination with their warm cheeky smiles, makes a Rubens Barn doll an irresistible friend! Handmade Happiness!


Hair, skin & clothes for these organic cotton dolls are made with 100% certified organic cotton. Bottom weight 100% calcium carbonate granule. All dolls can be machine washed at 30°C and tumble dried in low heat. All clothes should be hand washed.


Height: 31cm

Weight: 370g

Rubens Tummies Dolls

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