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Get ready to play I Spy with the Petit Boum Spy and sound Bottles.

Each spy bottle is recreated to represent their natural environment to foster your child’s imagination and curiosity – encouraging an early admiration for our wildlife and ecosystem, whilst the sound stimulates hearing and visual senses, as well as making a fun noise when shaken making it an ideal sensory toy.


An ideal sensory toy for baby and toddler suitable for any sensory play activities, stimulating senses and supporting child development. 


Supports the following areas of learning:

  • Personal Development - Sensory
  • Understanding the World - Colour
  • Understanding the World - Sound
  • Physical Development - Motor skills
  • Communication & Language - Descriptive language


Product Information:

Bottle dimensions: 14 cm x 4 cm

Product Information: Bottle dimensions: 14 cm x 4 cm

CE Tested

Safe from 3mths


Petit Boum bottles have lots of green credentials. Including:

- bottles are made from recycled PET and are recyclable 

- bottles are 'fired' in Barcelona, a short journey from the Petit Boum workshop - reducing potential air miles 

- many of the contents are made from grains, rice, pastas, and pulses that are hand dyed. 

- the caps are made from sustainably sourced FSC certified beechwood

Sensory Sound Bottle Clownfish

  • 3mths+

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