Makii Whopping Wide 'Train Ride' Colouring Picture 


A giant colouring picture full of crazy and colourful characters which folds out from A4 size to a whopping 159.5 cm! Grab your colouring pencils and get your family and friends to join. Take a look in carriage two, help sort the mail, take a dive in carriage seven and play cards with mister boar. This huge colouring picture will keep the kids busy for hours!


Key Features:

  • Whopping Wide colouring picture 19 x 159.5 cm
  • Folds away to A4 size 
  • Encourages creativity and imaginative play


Makii takes children on an adventure by means of colourful and crazy characters to inspire children to let their creativity explode! 


Designed in the Netherlands these porducts are made using FSC woods and are Climate Neutral. 

Whopping Wide Colouring Picture

SKU: MA00703
  • 3+

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