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From babies to big kids

When they're smaller, this rocking horse can help children to be more confident in their balance and as they grow, the horse can be removed to become a balance board or even a bridge to incorporate into their play.


The gentle back-and-forth of rocking isn't just calming—it's also a fantastic way to engage your child's vestibular system, which plays a huge role in balance, spatial orientation and concentration. When your child rocks, they're doing more than just moving; they're fine-tuning their balancing skills and developing their brain. The gentle, rhythmic motion of rocking naturally soothes children, helping them to relax. By creating a peaceful environment, children can unwind, making it a perfect setting for them to relax and recharge.


Take a ride on this wonderful wooden rocking horse. With a comfortable seat, easy-to-grip handles and a beautiful design, the horse`s curved base can be used as a balance board when the horse is removed.

Rocking Horse and Balance Board 2in1

SKU: E1203
  • 12mths+ 

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