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Petit Boum is a Spanish brand set up by sisters Carman and Dolors to offer babies and young children a sensory experience, inspired by the Montessori pedagogy and was born from the anecdote: “No matter what toys we give them, they always end up playing with a bottle!” Each bottle is handmade from recycled bottles with a sustainably sourced double sealed beechwood stopper. Bottle contents contain natural ingredients such as rice, sand, grains and seashells.  Each bottle is designed for those aged 3 months+ and to be a living universe in each bottle, a window into a universe full of magic, stimulation and fantasy! There are 4 types of bottle: float, spy, move and sound.

- Each bottle is extremely safe for babies and toddlers. It can not be broken and it cannot be opened, not even by the most dextrous hand! 

- Bottles are made from recycled PET and are recyclable 

- All bottles are BPA and and phalates-free. 

- Bottles are 'fired' in Barcelona, a short journey from the Petit Boum workshop - reducing potential air miles 

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