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A pikler is an indoor triangle shaped climbing frame used by babies, toddlers and young children to encourage movement and development of their physical boundaries and strengthen their vestibular system. Latest versions have added modern twists like slides and humps that can be connected for extended climbing challenge and fun. The Pikler Triangle was first designed by Hungarian paediatrician, Dr Emmi Pikler over 100 years ago. She observed that children who had the freedom to climb and jump to their hearts content, tended to be more physically capable, and had a greater self-awareness and understanding of their body and limitations and were less prone to accidents! 


The single rung at top of the piklers by Sawdust & Rainbows is perfect for giving children a central point to balance on, while they get their legs and bodies over and will give you and them the confidence when climbing high in your local playground. If you think of climbing a gate or a wall and even a very similar structure that's a fence stye, you would always place your hands in the centre, so to not bring your weight to far forward and become unbalanced. But it is not limited to just climbing, it's also a den, a tunnel, a seat, a boat hull, a shop counter, baby gym and so much more.

These piklers are CE tested and legally compliant to European and UK Safety Laws and tested according to: 

  • Safe tumbling height should your child fall.

  • Weight bearing ability - ie: it won't topple over forwards, backwards or sideways and is self-supporting. It cannot be higher than 600mm. 

  • Static strength

  • Side tip stability

  • Safe gap distance between rungs so a baby or child's torso cannot fall between them and their head and neck become entrapped. 

  • Overall finish of the product - corners, edges, protruding parts, water accumulation. 

Sawdust & Rainbows is a family company based in rural Co. Down, Northern Ireland, run by Rosie Hughes, a qualified manufacturing engineer. 

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