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Updated: May 3

Something that comes up frequently in store relating to this age range is the printed age on toy packaging. Time and again, toys that would offer lots of value for these ages are dismissed because the packaging says 3+. There seems a lot of confusion, because these are a safety guide mostly relating to choking. The exception to this is specific to craft sets where they have been designed with an age in mind. So I urge you to look beyond these labels for your children, unless there is a younger sibling at home for whom the safety guide is relevant.

Balance Boards

Suitable for children of all ages and adults too! Toys that encourage naturally paced motor development and free self-directed movement, enable children to strengthen their vestibular system. A well-developed vestibular system will improve hand-eye co-ordination, concentration and focus.

Balance boards can also be used in small-world play as a bridge or tunnel, slide off the sofa, for ball games and even a rocking chair for movie time! BUY HERE

Practical Life

Money skills are more important than ever in today's world. Children who are encouraged to talk about money, handle it regularly and have responsibility for spending and saving, tend to do better with money when they grow up and have a lot more confidence with managing their financial responsibilities. BUY HERE

Being able to tell the time on a clock face can aid mathematical learning such as the ability to ‘skip count’ (5,10,15, 20…), primary addition and multiplication.

It also helps the development of social and behavioural skills such as time management and self-dependence, as being able to read a clock face not only enables us to read time in the present but also to plan ahead, plan for how much time you have remaining to complete a task or arrive at a destination on time. BUY HERE


STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths with toys geared towards curiosity, learning, and education in these subjects.

Magnetic Building Blocks to me are a must have for any child. With endless possibilities and boundless play to them, these allow children to re-imagine their understanding of the world and how things work. Not just for building structures and machines, they can create whole new worlds and use them to add detail to their small world play. BUY HERE

Their design inspired by Da Vinci Circles, Hape Marble runs are unique in that they allow the child to determine how the ball will drop by selecting the relevant block piece and connecting pieces - just like coding. These runs are built horizontally too – the concept being to transfer gravitational potential energy to kinetic energy!

Because it is based on a building block system, there are endless combinations that can be created and all sets can be integrated. BUY HERE

Stacking rainbows offer so many fun balancing challenges and use in play, it's no surprise this is such a Waldorf classic. It is the ultimate in open-ended play. Stacking challenges can be as complex as the child wants to attempt! They can be used alongside building blocks to create marble runs and integrated into small world play as bridges, tunnels, walls, caves, tents, houses, doorways and a multitude of other ways! BUY HERE

Animal Themed Toys

With so many habitats and animals under threat it's more important than ever for children to learn and understand about the environments and diversity we share the planet with so they will want to protect them. These Fact Cards and A-Z Animal & Dinosaur cards and accompanying colouring books will inspire children with a thirst for knowledge and are great for developing artistic skills too - beautifully illustrated in detail with facts on the reverse and colour coded according to their location in the world. BUY HERE

The Dodoland Eugy 3D animal model kits are hugely popular with both children aged 6+ and adults alike. There are 27 models available to collect in the UK with more available every year coming to our shores. They are designed with every detail of the animal in mind and sets include a little booklet about the animal. BUY HERE

Poppik Creative Art Stickers come in a range of styles from mosaic art to panorama environments where you copy the pattern and complete the scene. This whole range once completed are designed so they can be framed and admired forever. Sets cover a range of animals and environments from Jungle, Under The Sea, Cats, Wild Animals and Tropical Animals. BUY HERE


There are so many skills to be learned from games, from hand-eye coordination, turn taking, numeracy skills, fine motor skills, following rules, teamwork for collaboration games and dealing with the emotion of losing.

We have a wide variety of games in store from card games, outdoor games, stacking games and board games.


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