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Set includes 36 cards. 1 key card showing the period in time they lived. 26 A-Z dinosaur cards and 9 number cards. 


Each card shows a letter or a number and an illustration of the dinosaur. The background colour of the card shows you which time period that dinosaur lived in and there's a symbol to show what the dinosaur would have eaten, as well as a handy guide on how to pronounce their names.


A fun and educational way of not only teaching the alphabet and numbers but also introducing some amazing dinosaurs to your knowledge! 


The cards feature a dinosaur illustration on one side with the dinosaur's name and then the letters in upper and lower case and a close up of the dinosaur on the other side. The background colour of the card shows the period in time they lived. 


They come in a fully printed box, making a great gift, and they are a great size to take with you on your travels for whenever the kids need entertaining. The perfect gift for any Dino fan. 


Perfect paired up with Alphabet of Amazing Dinosaurs Colouring Book & 63-piece Dinosaur jigsaw

Dinosaur Alphabet Flash Cards

  • 3yrs+

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