Go on an amazing animal search outside! 


Each Card features an original animal drawing, along with their common name and scientific name, where they live, what they eat, their conservation status and 3 fun facts. The background colour of each card represents where in the UK they live.

Use the cards to learn more about the amazing animals that we share the British Isles with, then play against each other to see who knows more, scoring points for all the facts that you know, with a bonus five points for remembering their scientifc names. Each card is also colour cordinated in a range of colours to show which area of the UK they are found in. Each card is full of amazing facts about the animals. 


Set includes: Greater mouse eared bat, Willow tit, Ladybird spider, Water vole, Harvest dormouse, Elephant hawk moth, Mole cricket, Natterjack toad, Eurasian beaver, Spiny shield bug, Fen raft spider, PerchLittle cuttlefish, Orange clubbed sea slug, Mole, Golden eagle, European badger, Red deer, Osprey, Kingfisher, Eurasian otter, Common shrew, Red fox, Great crested newt, Red squirrel, Grey seal, Spiny seahorse, Common dolphin, Basking shark, Garden bumblebee, Pine Martin, Stag beetle, European hedgehog, Scottish wildcat, Emperor dragonfly. 

British Isles Amazing Animals Fact Cards


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