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Korko, a sustainable building block set made from cork, connects children with nature in a playful, intuitive way. This 20 piece set includes 8 shapes.  Suitable for water play and in the bath as cork floats! 


Korko building blocks foster little ones’ imagination and dexterity and are based on the classic design by Friedrich Fröbel. They come in a range of bright colours and in eight different shapes. Thanks to their light weight and natural non-slip surface texture, Korko blocks won’t fall down as you build constructions: hours of playtime fun guaranteed for mini master builders!


All Korko products feel very special in children’s hands as they are particularly warm compared to other materials. On top of this, cork building blocks are non-toxic, anti-bacterial, water-resistant and therefore suitable for even the youngest children to play with. Their anti-static properties prevent dust and other harmful materials from collecting on the surface, making cork products suitable for those with allergies too.


The choices made by parents not only influence the way in which children experience and interpret their world, but also shape how they will live sustainably on this planet in the future. The use of natural materials such as cork helps introduce them to the subjects of environmental awareness and sustainability through play. When children play and interact with toys from Korko, they intuitively develop a respect for nature and form a connection with the world they live in.


Made in Portugal

Cork Block Set 20 pieces

SKU: Z3051
  • 18mths+

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