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Discover the wonders of wind power and electric vehicles as you replant trees. Here comes Aria and her energy-efficient car!


This set demonstrates just how we can use natural energy in our lives. With a terrific turbine and an electric charging port, there are plenty of ways to harness the power of the wind. A perfect set to play with as a standalone item or as part of a bigger dolls house setup. 


  • PLENTY OF ACCESSORIES: This set includes one tree with a hammock and rotating turbine, one free-wheeling "electric" car that can plant trees, one small tree for planting, one planting area, one shovel and one sloth figurine.
  • MULTI-ACTION FIGURINE: Aria the Sloth can sit, stand and hold accessories with her hands.
  • SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS: Made from sustainable materials including sugar-cane plant-plastic and sustainably certified wood.

Hape Green Planet Explorers Tree Planting E-Car Dolls House Set

SKU: E3417
  • 3+ years

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