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This playset is all about introducing your little eco warriors to the wonders of green energy.


The sustainable panda family knows everything about green energy and can’t wait to tell you all about it. Their house has solar panels and an elevator basket that works with string so you can lift the little pandas up and down. This set is a great way to teach children about environmental responsibility through role play.


  • Sam, Pam and the rest of the panda family are passionate about green energy and want to share their knowledge with you
  • Learn about clean energy as you play with the elevator basket and solar panels
  • Free play is great for developing imagination and creativity


  • IDEAL FOR FREE PLAY: This set is perfect for encouraging role play, creativity and imagination, and letting children be free to create their own games.
  • PLENTY OF ACCESSORIES: This playset comes with a house, four panda figurines, two hammocks, one bed, one dressing table, one sofa, one tea table, two floor mats, one sun umbrella, one table with two stump seats, one fireplace, one stove, two plates, two cups, one pan, one elevator basket on a string, one suspension bridge, one slide and one rope ladder.
  • MULTI-ACTION FIGURINES: The panda figurines can sit, stand and hold accessories with their hands.
  • SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS: The house and characters are made from sustainable materials including Bamboo, Green PE plastic and sustainably certified wood.
  • SIMPLE CONSTRUCTION: This playset is easily assembled.

Hape Green Planet Explorers Pandas Bamboo House

SKU: E3413
  • 3yrs+

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