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  • can be played competitively, cooperatively or solo
  • with acoustic alarm and rotating game board for astute mouse detectives


The convicts are planning a jailbreak! Inspector Mouse is on their trail, but he needs the detective skills of the players to figure out who was the last crook in the cell with the escape tunnel.


If the players are able to correctly identify the criminal that triggered the alarm, they’ll have foiled the escape attempt. The player who stops the most escapes wins.


Content: 1 jailhouse (box bottom, 3 game boards, interlocking cardboard dividers), 15 criminal tiles, 1 getaway car, 4 magnifying glasses, 4 sets of mugshots, 1 alarm bell (metal lid), 1 Inspector Mouse (rotating wooden figure), 1 die, 44 reward stars, 1 rulebook


Game for up to 4 players

Inspector Mouse The Great Escape Board Game

  • 5yrs - 99yrs! 

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