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A mindful guide to mastering dinosaur-sized feelings
Hardback; 228 x 178 mm; 112pp
Published January 2024


Doctor Diplo is the Jurassic kingdom's best-loved therapist. Meet him and ten of his Jurassic friends...
Steggie the Angry Dinosaur
Rex the Scared Dinosaur
Bruno the Sad Dinosaur
Minka the Happy Dinosaur
Poppy the Lonely Dinosaur
Percy the Shy Dinosaur
Terrie the Excited Dinosaur
Trev the Overwhelmed Dinosaur
Iggy the Bored Dinosaur
Nino the Content Dinosaur

Hear their stories, and discover how to navigate different emotions with simple mindfulness tools and exercises.

This cute and funny, full-colour guide on emotions and feelings for children 5+ offers:
-Ten read-aloud stories demonstrating tools to help navigate different emotions
-An opportunity to open up conversations about feelings in a gentle and approachable way
-Simple mindfulness exercises from Australian child psychologist Amber Owen
-Sweet, colourful illustrations that bring the story to life and provide opportunity to discuss each feeling in turn
-A 'how to use this book' guide for carers at the back of the book

Little Dinosaurs Big Feelings Hardback

  • 5yrs+

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