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Black and white high contrast pictures of everyday items around the home. This title is designed for visual stimulation for newborns and some children with visual impairment.


Dimensions approx: 30cm x 20cm.

CE tested and machine washable.


A practical, lightweight cloth book with crinkly pages. A great sensory toy. A unique gift. Each newspaper is packed in a gifting envelope to add 'To' and 'From' and a short message. Newborns especially are suited to this title and the bold contrast illustrations.


Crinkly Books are safe, sensory, tactile and washable...With bold, bright illustrations and simple rhyming text...Light and easy for babies to hold independently...Perfect for rainy days indoors and sunny days out...Tummy-time, lunch-time, nap-time...Sensory and tactile for children.


The newspaper has been around for decades and despite our ever-changing technology, it is still a part of daily lives. However, one day the newspaper could be a symbolic piece of our history... These crinkly cloth newspaper cloth books are designed for babies and children to look and feel like a real newspaper.

Nursery Times Crinkle Cloth Newspaper Rise And Shine

  • 3mths+

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