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Create an enchanting image of a princess in her carriage on her way to the fairytale castle by fitting the pieces together. Bring the puzzle to life by popping out the 3D figures and propping them with the stands for a 3D effect.

You can use this puzzle as a decorative 3D feature  in their bedroom after finishing it! Or use the 3D pieces to create a theatre show or for storytelling. 


Storytelling benefits: 

  • Provides an opportunity for children to consider the characters and locations of a story, expressing themselves as the character and developing their social, communication and language skills as a result.
  • Helps language development, writing skills, independent play and their small world play, along with confidence when telling stories and presenting and fueling their imaginations.
  • Encourages communication skills as children describe what they see in the illustrations, and they develop empathy skills by sharing what the characters are doing, experiencing and feeling.


33 x 23 cm – Puzzle
27 x 12 x 10 cm – 3D Play

Play Puzzle Princess 30pcs

  • 3yrs+

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