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Wooden clutching toys are essential for the hands of babies. They trigger the grasp reflex and promote the development process to targeted grabbing.


This rainbow bead rattle is great fun for shaking and fiddling with. Little hands will love to grip the handle, covered with little rainbow rings, and give it a wave, sending the threaded rainbow beads jangling at one end.


Painted in muted rainbow colours, this gorgeous wooden toy is sure to appeal to babies and parents alike. The wooden beads are threaded together with strong elastic and are safe for babies to shake and chew on. 


For the sake of the children and the environment Heimess use only water-based paints and dispense with clear varnish containing solvents. The glazing of the beads leaves the fine structure of the wood visible.


Size: 11cm. 

Touch Ring Elastic Rattle Rainbow Clutching Toy

SKU: 736790
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