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Yoto Player (3rd Generation) opens up kids’ creative play to a whole new world of potential. Build independence, inspire imagination and let kids from 3-12 + lead the way through family life.


Yoto is a carefully connected screen-free speaker bringing the world of stories, music, activities, podcasts, radio and sound effects to life. Made for children, controlled with physical cards and playing only the audio content you want them to listen to.  No camera. No microphone. No Ads.


The Yoto Player is a carefully connected screen-free speaker that's controlled by durable cards you can purchase seperately so it plays only the audio content you want your little ones to listen to.


There is a built in battery for portable play in the car, in the garden, any room in the house! A clever magnetic dock for charging. 


The new Yoto Player simply sounds better. They have acoustically engineered its stereo speakers to please even the most discerning of audiophiles. 


For quiet time or travel time, kids can use wireless or wired headphones with this device for a more personal listening experience.


Yoto Daily - A new piece of exclusive audio, delivered to your Player every day. Press the right-hand button on your Player (with no card in) to enjoy it!


Yoto Radio - Yoto in-house kids radio station you can listen to for free. Simply press twice the right-hand button on your Player to enjoy it!


Clock - Choose a clock for your Player and set the night-time and day-time, to display the sun or moon at the right time for your child.


Other cool stuff the Yoto player does: 

- Choose your wake up and bed time

- Customise the colour of the nightlight

- Make your own cards from home recorded songs and stories

- Bluetooth enabled

- Room thermometer

- 24hours of play per charge



Yoto Player is suitable for use by anyone aged 3 and over. However Yoto content cards are suitable for children from birth to 12 years old.


Included in your Yoto Player box:

- Yoto Player

- Magnetic Yoto Charging Dock with UK and EU pins (5.4 foot/ 1.65 m cable length)

- Make Your Own Blank Card

- Setup Guide 



Yoto Player 3rd Generation - Screen Free Audio & Music Player

£99.99 Regular Price
£89.99Sale Price
  • From birth when operated by parents or guardians. 

    However self-use from age 3-years upwards. 

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