Toy Decluttering & Rotation

Updated: May 4

With charity shops about to re-open and Spring arrived bringing longer days, now is a good time to sort through the toy cupboards and give the toys you have a new lease of play life, whether through donation or through re-igniting play with unused toys in your home.

Clutter in the home makes me as an adult feel stressed, so its unsurprising that children too can feel overwhelmed with access to a lot of toys, which then can reduce independent play, imagination and concentration and lead to increased sibling squabbles.

A UK study from 2015 found that children on average receive 38 new toys per year. A typical child owns 238 toys but parents think they play with just 12 'favourites' on a daily basis making up just five per cent of their toys. Whilst a survey by the British Heart Foundation discovered that, on average, a child loses interest in a toy within just 36 days.

'An avalanche of toys invites emotional disconnect and a sense of overwhelm'

Dr KJ Payne (Author, Simplicity Parenting)