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Top 8 Best Sustainable Toys for Camping

The summer holidays are approaching and camping is booked. Here we offer our sustainable and plastic-free alternatives for children's games and common activities when camping that will last year after year and won't end up discarded at the end of your holiday.

1. Skipping Rope

Both boys and girls love learning to skip and camping is the perfect place to start practicing. For older children, camping is perfect for getting out the giant jump rope and learning traditional and fun jumping songs and rhymes, as well as using the jump rope for a family game of tug-of-war!

2. Bubble Set

Say goodbye to the plastic bubble wands that get tipped out within seconds and abandoned. Say hello to Dr Zig's plastic-free bubble kits for big kids and little kids. Choose from giant bubbles to little ones, multi bubble wands to handheld single bubbles. These bubble sets will last year after year, day trips, garden play, beach and camping... wherever you go!

3. Silicone frisbee flyer

Silicone frisbee flyers are so much more fun than their plastic counterpart. For starters, they are much easier to catch having a surface that's easier to grip as you catch it. They fly just as well as the plastic versions and there will be no painful hits to the head. Our experience is that silicone frisbees are preferred by children and adults alike.

4. Portable Pocket Swing

This convenient swing will encourage kids and adults alike to hangout in nature. Set it up between two strong trees and you can swing, or just relax, the day away. Easily portable in your pocket, you can take it with you on hikes or camping trips. It’s a great way for kids to enjoy outdoor play or to just sit and relax in the outdoors and appreciate the natural world.

5. Family Card Games

Card games for around the fire in the early evening are great for winding down before bed. We love this Animal Families game. Based on the concept of Rummy, the purpose of the game is to collect as many family groups of animals as you can. Older children can learn amazing facts and information about animals from around the world whilst playing, whilst younger children can learn turn taking and colour grouping.

6. Magnetic Games in a Tin

With camping it's all about being compact and not losing small pieces! So tin magnetic travel games and play sets are perfect.

7. Periscopes and Compass

From treasure hunts to hide-and-seek, periscopes and compasses provide lots of opportunity for getting close to nature and exploring the outdoors.

8. Quoits (Hoopla)

Quoits (also known as Hoopla) can literally be played anywhere and suits all ages. Simply position the ball on the ground and test throwing skills by getting a hoop over the ball.

This version is very compact and comes in a handy net bag. Made of silicone, this means it can get dirty and wet, and it won't damage the silicone at all, allowing it to be used for years to come!

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